Michigan Artists tell the Civil War Story

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So much time is taken up discussing the hobby and academic parts of honoring the Civil War that it is easy to forget the emotional side. Several artists who reside in Michigan strive to not let us forget. Whether their medium is paint, music or video, they strive to tell a story of people of emotion and great passion who stepped forward to serve our Country, whether of the battlefront or here in Michigan on the homefront.

Paintings and Photography

Tim Kurtz - Tim Kurtz is a Michigan based artist with a passion for the Civil War. Find more about him, his work and the causes he supports with it at www.timkurtzpaintings.com.

Robert Zeichner


5th Michigan Regimental Band - The 5th Michigan Regiment Band brings history of the Civil War Era alive through an authentic historical recreation of a Civil War Regimental Band. The band performs at re-enactments, historical events, parades, and school programs. The band's repertoire of pre-1865 compositions is performed on antique and replica sax horns and wood rope tension drums. Performances include music, instruments, attire, flags, and customs of the era. Find more information about their music and performance schedule at www.mi5th.org.


iMichigan Productions - i Michigan Productions have produced several programs on the Civil War. One is a general video about the Michigan experience and another tells the story of General Custer. Find out more about their programs at http://www.americancivilwaryears.com/index.html.