Michigan on the Battlefields


16th Michigan Monument atop Little Round Top at Gettysburg, PA. Image ©2015 Look Around You Ventures, LLCThere is so much to see in Michigan about the Civil War. However, like the Boys of 1861, many of us find our way south. When you do, there is still a lot to enjoy and learn about Michigan! This section is new to our website in 2015 and will continue to grow. You will find links to each field where we come across monuments and markers dedicated to Michigan men and their service.

We will do our best on each page to help you see the monuments with excellent photography. You will also be able to find out where on the field you can find the monuments. Each link here will take you to a different battlefield.Monterey Pass Battlefield in Waynesboro, PA. Image ©2015 Look Around You Ventures, LLC.

Fox's Gap

Antietam - Coming Soon


Monterey Pass & Pursuit from Gettysburg