School PresentationOne great way to learn more about Michigan in the Civil War is to see a presentation on the subject. There are many groups who will either come to your location to give the presentation, meet you somewhere or take you on a tour. One is a professional tour company. Several are speakers who go to locations with presentations about given subjects. Others are members of re-enacting groups or living historians and come to you dressed as a character from the past.

Whether you are looking to take a tour or hire/retain a speaker for your school or civic group, look below. No group listed is affiliated with this website. Each has it's own fee structure and requirements. Take a look around and contact the one that best fits your needs. Each provider will tell you how they charge.



Tour Company

Hometown History Tours

This tour provider offers narrated history tours and guidebooks of Detroit and southeast michigan

School and Civic Group Presentations

Historic Fort Wayne Coalition This non-profit offers both costumed interpretative and modern dressed scholar presentation on a variety of topics. Their interprative presentations are used a lot in schools while their scholars have presentations on several topics which are very popular with civil and fraternal organizations.
"Near as I Remember" - Reflections of a Civil War Veteran Rob Stone's 25+ years in living history inform his entertaining first-person talks portraying a veteran Federal Infantryman.
Fred and Bonnie Priebe Fred and Bonnie Priebe have been presenting President and Mrs. Lincoln in first person presentations since 1996, in the US and four other countries. To learn more about their presentations, see their website.
Jackie Wakeling and Beth Fausell Tart Beth and Jackie have vast experience talking with groups about civilian clothing of the Civil War era, as well as several others. They have appeared at historical societies, school and civic groups as well as in venues as large as the Sew Expo. They can appear individually or put together a larger fashion show.
5th Michigan Regiment Band The band performs at parades and school programs as well as re-enactments and historical events.
10th Michigan Infantry The 10th Michigan's educational programs are designed to inform and stimulate an audience. They have been held for school kids of all ages, including colleges and universities. Special programs on the common soldier have also been presented to various historical, geneological, and civic organizations.
17th Michigan Infantry, Co. E The 17th has members in both civilian and military portrayals, as well as people who portray noted individuals in the American Civil War. They are so active with school presentations that they have a separate section of their group's calendar dedicated to them.
21st Michigan, Company H Based in southeast Michigan, this re-enacting group is especially busy with school groups in the spring. There is an email address on their main page you can request more information from.
102nd USCT, Co. B This group is active in schools across southeast and mid-Michigan in telling the story of African-American soldiers and civilians and their experiences.