Museums in Michigan with Civil War exhibits

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Fort Static DisplaysEven though the battles of the Civil War were fought several states away, for our boys, the story started here. After the war, the survivors returned here. Here they started GAR posts and lived their lives. Now, many are remembered at local museums. Find links to many of them below.






Michigan Historical Museum Michigan's musuem located in Lansing dedicated to our history. There are two excellent Civil War areas. The first is the Civil War section in the main musuem. Also, there is a viewing room which tells the story of Michigan's Battle Flags (see pictures of some of them by clicking this link) and you can actually see one of the flags. The particular flag rotates on a regular basis and they usually have other musuem items relevant to the flag and it's home regiment. Michigan Historical Musuem. Image ©2015 Look Around You Ventures, LLC.
Michigan Historical Museum On-line Civil War Exhibit Online exhibits that open the door to even more exhibits at the Michigan Historical Museum.
Michigan's GAR Memorial Hall & Museum This is a relatively new museum to Michigan. The building was donated to the musuem in 2013. Located in Eaton Rapids, this would be a great musuem to visit the same day you saw the Michigan Historical Museum or took a visit of the state's flag collection.

Civil War Museum - Kenosha, WI Though not in Michigan, this musuem is an excellent part of a vacation in Wisconsin. The musuem is dedicated to telling the story of the midwestern people who lived during and fought in the war. The Michigan story is well told here Civil War Musuem at Kenosha, WI. Image ©2016 Look Around You Ventures, LLC.
The Henry Ford This musuem, located in Dearborn, has a vast collection of American History. There is a nice Civil War display in their "With Liberty and Justice For All" section. It's worth noting that this exhibit includes the chair President Lincoln sat in when he was killed at Ford's Theater.
Dearborn Historical Museum This museum spans two buidling in downtown Dearborn. One is the Commandant's Builidng for the old Dearbon Arsenal, which functioned during the Civil War. There are currently Civil War displays in both buildings, plus the structures themselves.
Ypsilanti Historical Society This society has an excellent musuem with a great exhibit of Civil War artifacts.
Grand Rapids Public Museum The Grand Rapids Public Museum has put together special on-line documents about their collection so you can learn more about the Civil War.
Plymouth Historical Museum An excellent small musuem in the Metro Detroit area, they have a display on the Civil War. Company C of the 24th Michigan was heavily raised in Plymouth. Plymouth Historical Museum. Image ©2016 Look Around You Ventures
Michigan's Own Military Museum A tribute to Michigan's men and women who fought on our behalf in six foreign wars. We also honor the bravery of Michigan men in America's space program. This musuem has at least one medal of honor awarded to a Civil War veteran. It is located in Frankenmuth.
Marshall Historical Society The Marshall Historical Museum at the GAR Hall reopened in fall 2014 with a new emphasis on telling Marshall's stories and featuring items made in Marshall.  Focus areas are It Happened in Marshall, Things Made in Marshall, Community Life, and Marshall in the Civil War. Plymouth Historical Museum. Image ©2016 Look Around You Ventures, LLC.
Monroe County Historical Musuem Located in the town George Custer lived in, this museum has a Civil War area. Monroe Country Historical Musuem. Image ©2015 Look Around You Ventures, LLC.
Holland Museum and Van Raalte Farm Hosting an annual Civil War re-enactment on the Farm, the Holland musuem tells the story of Michigan men who left for the front from their area.