Fraternal Organziations


SUV imageThere are several fraternal organzations, for both men and women, that commemorate the sacrifices of ancestors in the Civil War. These organizations stay busy by restoring and caring for graves, marching in parades, leading tours and other types of social events.

Most of these organizations are Federally Recognized Tax-Exempt organizations.







Michigan's Fraternal Organiztions for Men.

MOLLUS - National Webpage MOLLUS is the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. It was first formed in my Union officer veterans and is now made up of men who are descendents of these officers. If you have a Union officer as an ancestor, you may qualify for membership.
MOLLUS -Michigan Commandry This is a direct link to the Michigan Commandry of MOLLUS.

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - National Headquarters

The SUVCW is the descendent organization of the GAR, a Union veteran's association. They are very active across the country. This is the national organization's web page.
SUVCW - Department of Michigan Go here to contact the Department of Michigan. If you look below and can't find a camp near you, they will be able to help. There are also several good resources on this page for the special projects they are working on.
SUVCW - Map of Michigan Camps Camps are the local level organizations of the SUVCW. The map located on this page will help you locate a camp close to you.
SUVCW - Lockwood Camp No. 9 Based in Alpena, MI.
SUVCW - Welch Camp No. 180 Based in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, MI
SUVCW - Alexander French Camp No. 28 Based in Big Rapids, MI
SUVCW - Nash Hodges Camp No. 43 Based in Blissfield, MI
SUVCW - Frederick H. Hackman Camp No. 85 Based in Bridgman, MI
SUVCW - March to the Sea Camp No. 135 Based in Centerville, MI
SUVCW - Henry Wallace Camp No. 160 Based in Corunna, MI
SUVCW - Sergeant John Cosbey Camp No. 427 Based in Dearborn, MI
SUVCW - George W. Anderson Camp No. 58 Based in DeWitt, MI
SUVCW - Gov. Henry Crapo Camp No. 45 Based in Flint, MI
SUVCW - Henry Plant Camp No. 3 Based in Grand Haven, MI
SUVCW - General John Logan Camp No. 1 Based in Grand Rapids, MI
SUVCW - Gilluly-Kingsley Camp No. 120 Based in Howell, MI
SUVCW - Austin Blair Camp No. 7 Based in Jackson, MI
SUVCW - General Benjamin Pritchard Camp No. 20 Based in Kalamazoo, MI
SUVCW - Curtenius Guard Camp No. 17 Based in Lansing/Sunfield, MI
SUVCW - Colgrove-Woodruff Camp No. 22 Based in Marshall, MI
SUVWC - LeValley-Heusted Camp No. 255 Based in Mayville, MI
SUVCW - General Israel B. Richardson Camp No. 2 Based in Oakland County, MI
SUVCW - U.S. Grant Camp No. 67 Based in Saginaw, Bay City and Midland, MI
SUVCW - Wa-Bu-No Camp No. 250 Based in Shepherd/Mount Pleasant, MI
SUVCW - Robert Finch Camp No. 14 Based in Traverse City, MI
SUVCW - Albert and James Lyon Camp No. 266 Based in the Upper Peninsula, MI
SUVCW - Russel A. Alger Camp No. 462 This is the Michigan Camp-at-Large for members who don't live close to another camp.
Morgan's Mens Association Just as there are organizations for men whose ancestors served in the Union, there are also organizations for Confederate ancestors. Morgan's Mens Association has been aroung the longest. There is currently no Michigan Division
Sons of Confederate Veterans Best known of the three Confederate descendent organizations, there are camps in Michigan. To find out more about them, you can get contacts of the national organization's page
Military Order of the Stars and Bars Another Confederate descendent organization. This was founded in 1938.

Fraternal Organizations for Women Fraternal orders for Women

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War - national page This organization welcomes female descendents of US soldiers, sailor and marines from the Civil War
DUVCW - Department of Michigan page Here is where you can contact the state leadershp of the DUVCW
DUVCW - Eva Gray Tent No. 2 The "tent" is the local level organization for the DUVCW. This tent is based in Grand Rapids, MI
DUVCW - Sarah M. W. Sterling Tent No. 3 Based in Detroit, MI and Wayne County
DUVCW - Juliet E. Stephens Tent No. 14 Based in Corunna, MI and Shiawasse County
DUVCW - Helen M. Edwins Tent No. 30 Based in Sunfield, MI and Eaton County
DUVCW - Cornelia Stockbridge Sheldon Tent No. 58 Based in Kalamazoo, MI and Kalamazoo County
DUVCQ - Annie Etheridge Tent No. 59 Based in Lansing, MI and Ingham County
Auxiliary to the SUVCW - national page An organization, primarily for women, which works to support the efforts of the SUVCW. There is currently no state of MI page.
Woman's Relief Corp Founded in 1883, this organization has a Michigan Department but it has no webpage. Find out more through their national page.
Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans Founded in 1887, there is are members active in Michigan, though they have no state level website. Find out more through their national website
Dames of the Loyal Legion of the United States An organization which works with MOLLUS in the way that others work with SUVCW, this group has Michigan members but no Michigan Department.
Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic An organization which has been in service to the cause of serving Civil War veterans and now promoting their memory since 1886. While there is no Michigan page, their current president and several officers are Michigan residents and there is a local circle, as the local organization is called..
National Society Daughters of he Union 1861-1865 This organization has several Michigan Chapters, as the local groups are named. Chapters which have a with website are listed below. There are also chapters in Flint, Midland, Dearborn and Detroit which you may contact from the "Chapters" page off the national website.
Henry S. Jenks Chapter Based in Grand Rapids, MI