John Hough letters - August 16, 1864

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Letter #8

Cartersville Georgia
August 16 - 1864

Dear brother

            I have not received any letters from you since I wrote last, but that makes no difference about my writing.  I havnt anything to busy myself about, so I will write.

            I am feeling pretty well now  - was on guard day-before yesterday – yesterday the cook in our mess wanted me to make a batch of fride cakes for him so I did – had good luck – He has’nt had any experiance yet in that branch of cooking.

            I havnt anything to do to day unlelss the boys go out forageing, if they do I guess I shall go with them, if they go with a team as they talk of.  A fiew of them went out a little ways yesterday & got a fiew Peaches & sweet potatoes.  The potatoes are first rate.  I had some for supper & breakfast.

            Mr Roberts & Levi Smith came down to the company day-before yesterday.  They are not very well yet, but are gaining some.  Roberts is on guard to day.

                                    Saturday morn
We did not go out forageing yesterday as we expected.  I was detailed in the afternoon to help cook, - not in the mess I was in but another.  The boys did not like it much my leaveing them to cook in another mess for they wanted me to cook there for them.  They have two cooks but dont like some of them.  I didn’t want to cook at present but the assistant cook in this mess was detailed to go out with the squad to work & he – boss cook – wanted me to help him, so I consented.  He is a pretty good fellow – one of the old recruits, & his mess is composed mostly of old recruits.  They understand getting something good to eat pretty well, live first rate now.

            I beleave that I wrote to you that their time would be out in about one month, well there was talk then of their going out one month befor their time was out, but they do not expect to now.  The 29 of October their time is out.

            I suppose you do not think of enlisting at present.  I do not want to advise you either way, but if you should make up your mind to enlist try and get into this Regt.  Our Lieutenant says that they can enlist in this Regt untill it is full.  The Company lacks about ten, & others I guess lack more.

            I think you would like soldiering pretty well in this Regt, but not in another.  If my health was good I should be contented, & am as it is.  I have had a pretty easy time of it so far.  If men should take work as easy north, as they do here in the army, their employers would soon discharge them.  Our boys out in the road have been choping wood lately.  Their stent is one cord a day, some will get through by 10 O’clock AM.  If a man is not able to that much he can work as long as the rest do & quit.

            Well B my sheet is most full & I dont know as I have anything more to write so good by for this time.

            Your brother

I dont think you write hardley often enough, what do you think


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