John Hough letters - January 11, 1865

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Letter #10

Heading printed on stationary: 

The U. S. Christian Commission,
Sends this Sheet as the Soldier’s Messenger to his home.
Let it haste to those who wait for tidings.
General Sherman’s Army,
……..Regt. ……..Div. ……..Army Corps

Filled in by hand: 1st Mich EM
January 11th

Dear Brother

            I have been calculating to write to you evry day for a week & have just got at it this evening.  We have got a good writing desk & materials to write with in our tent but it being the orderlys tent it is in use most all the time.  There is four of us in a tent now instead of ten as there used to be.  I like the small tents the best where we can get lumber to fix them with.  The size of the tent is 8x10 covered with four tents, sides boarded up about three feet, a window in one end, and a sash door – those we confiscated.  We have two bunks in one end, one over the other a fire place one side & writing desk (one that we confiscated) the other.  The occupants are Sargent Peck of Lapeer (made Lieutenant today), Alfred Trumbull – Orderly Sargent – also of Lapeer, Jabes Geer--my bunk mate -– from Algonac, on the St Clair river, and Mr Hough of Almont, perhaps you know the gentleman.  We have been together since we left Atlanta but Mr. Peck leaves our Co now & goes to Co H, - wish he was going to stay with us.  Our Captain has been promoted to Major & we have a new one today.  They say he is a pretty good man & I hope so for the other was rather rough.

            We have formed messes again & I commenced cooking again today.  We have been building fortifications since we came here.  They are fortifying all around on the west side of the City – from the river above to the river below.  The fortifications are close to the City so that a small Garrison can hold the place.  The Citizens appear very loyal here, the most of them, & busines is resumed as usual.  They are very anxious to get our money.  Confederate scrip is not of much account.  It seems like home to go to church & see women & children there, something I have not seen before in the armey.  Cousin Edward is here living in the same place that he has for a number of years.  I have seen him & had a short visit with him – also one Millie Deary there.  It seemed quite home like.  Cousin E talks of going north this winter, probably he will star pretty soon if he does I am going down to see him again as soon as I can.

            We have not received much mail yet in this Regt.  I have not received any.  Mr. Roberts of Lapeer received one stateing that Columbus was quite sick & I feel anxious to hear from him & as I do to hear from you all, but I do not worry much about any thing now take things as they come & make the best of it.  My health is pretty good – rather better than it used to be but I do not consider my self well yet.

            I suppose Mother got the money I sent home from Atlanta.  We have not received any pay yet – there is 4 months due us & 40 dollars bounty.  We may not get it till next pay day.  I suppose you are having cold weather there now.  It has been quite cold here now, but does not freeze much has been a fiew nights that water froze quite thick  Well it is getting late & I must close, so good night.


I hear a large mail came in today so I am in hopes we will get some news from home to morrow.  write often & Direct to Savanah Via Washington.


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